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About Cynthia Ann Scott

The CHANGE to Happy, Health, Stress-Free Living.

Thinking about how Cynthia got from the 1970's to now. "Wow, with all the changes both personal and social understandings of health, where do I start?" Out of a need. Needing business cards for clients and talking over the need with my fellow contractors, I was referred to Which I ended up ordering from after countless number of time trying and failing to be able to order from another company, which was very unlike ordering from them in the past. The moral of the story is if it's hard to do a task, ask how can we do this simpler. That's what Cynthia did with The Schankin System, simplified the process for tension and imbalance release.

Gifted at art and logic, massage is her medium of choice. Cynthia likes the awareness of helping others learn to communicate with the largest sense we have, our scene of touch. Whether it was in teaching at the Guardian Massage & Reflexology Program in Sterling Heights, MI. Or now, personal mentoring in TSS, teaching with local yoga studios, health fairs or community education she just loves the creative process.

Curious to a fault. "It's true I wonder about everything." Sometimes she fines herself in places that she wished she hadn't however it's also the reason she was exploring Facebook. Facebook is a the place where everything can be liked and shared, much like the 80's girl's said "Like, I think I Like, and the word "like" a lot."  Personally it's a link to a place to connect and that's what she does, connect and help people connect with their muscles and body.

Connecting to knowledge. Making connection is what created TSS. The Schankin System being a blend of massage skills with Applied Kinesiology skills. Allowing clients and students to discover the knowledge of their body.

Questing for realization. The quest was to find a simple system to address complex soft tissue and muscle dysfunctions with a broad spectrum of clients.  The realization that we see the physical world as safe and separate from the Transcendental nature had to change.  You must know how you and others response to change, right? But really if we are always in the process of change, from cells to weather, the really the difficult is about keeping up with our nature of change.

So the task of a TSS session is in the allowing the client their experiences. Their own experience of this Transcendental nature.  Feeling the truth of  wholeness of self, this Transcendental nature of the whole being.   It is this ability, this place in time, when we transform the limiting patterns, pain and stress tensions. After all given the right experiences and faith within yourself, you make the healing, the flow, and the change.  

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